A bump in the road…



Who knew that this little beast could wreak so much havoc?!  We have converted to gas – gas furnace, gas water heater (to be installed in the next couple of months), we’re plumbed for gas fireplace and gas stove should the funds replenish themselves enough to convert those items.  The gas company initially said they were three weeks out to install a gas meter.  Not a problem!  That would give us time to scrape popcorn ceilings, texture, paint and install new carpet. So we thought…

Three weeks later, the gas meter goes in all right. But on the wrong side of the house. While the gas company’s subcontractor admitted it was their error and would fix it at no expense to us, it clearly wasn’t a priority for them. An additional three weeks later when they attempted to move the meter, the city made them stop because they needed a new permit to be able to stop traffic; the old one was no longer acceptable. Oy.  Fortunately the subcontractor was able to sweet talk his way out of that requirement and moved the meter.

Next day, we find that the meter is not holding pressure which is kind of a big deal in the world of natural gas.  Now, a full eight weeks later, our gas meter is functional. The city inspector is supposed to come out tomorrow to give us the green light to turn on the gas, then our furnace can be connected and we can move in! Pray for good news! 


**UPDATE**  Gas meter was "green flagged" and furnace has been connected!  We have since moved in and are currently enjoying heating…and the last two days, air conditioning!  I guess patience pays off. 🙂 

Posted on April 5, 2016 at 11:33 pm
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