Quick photo update

While these aren't the best pictures, they do show that we have made SOME progress.  The blinds are in, paint and carpet are done.  In the next few months, we'll replace the hideous blue countertops and all the brown trim and doors will be replaced with nice white ones.

20160328_174756_resized 20160328_174745_resized

And doesn't the base of the fireplace look good?! 



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A bump in the road…



Who knew that this little beast could wreak so much havoc?!  We have converted to gas – gas furnace, gas water heater (to be installed in the next couple of months), we’re plumbed for gas fireplace and gas stove should the funds replenish themselves enough to convert those items.  The gas company initially said they were three weeks out to install a gas meter.  Not a problem!  That would give us time to scrape popcorn ceilings, texture, paint and install new carpet. So we thought…

Three weeks later, the gas meter goes in all right. But on the wrong side of the house. While the gas company’s subcontractor admitted it was their error and would fix it at no expense to us, it clearly wasn’t a priority for them. An additional three weeks later when they attempted to move the meter, the city made them stop because they needed a new permit to be able to stop traffic; the old one was no longer acceptable. Oy.  Fortunately the subcontractor was able to sweet talk his way out of that requirement and moved the meter.

Next day, we find that the meter is not holding pressure which is kind of a big deal in the world of natural gas.  Now, a full eight weeks later, our gas meter is functional. The city inspector is supposed to come out tomorrow to give us the green light to turn on the gas, then our furnace can be connected and we can move in! Pray for good news! 


**UPDATE**  Gas meter was "green flagged" and furnace has been connected!  We have since moved in and are currently enjoying heating…and the last two days, air conditioning!  I guess patience pays off. 🙂 

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We’re making progress!

Hello there!  To preface, keep in mind that when I say "we", I don't necessarily mean me.  Lol.  We have an awesome team of family members that have stepped up to help make our home more homey.  I am very grateful for the uncles, cousins, grandparents, parents, and siblings who continue to share their talents with us!


Now for picutures…


Here are a few pictures of the back yard.  It has a good size patio (complete with a ladder and bucket from cleaning the gutters!).  There are plenty of weeds to go around.  And the two giant trees will soon fulfill thier destiny of becoming firewood. 


20160224_130939_resized 20160224_131007_resized20160224_130921_resized


We spent Friday night taping and plastic wrapping the whole house.  It seriously looks like a haunted house, especially in the hallway where there is no light. Towards the end, I was using the extra pieces of plastic to cover things (like the fridge in the middle of the living room and the fireplace), hence the extra tape. Hehe. 

20160227_002710_resized 20160227_002643_resized 20160227_002628_resized 20160227_002602_resized 20160227_002552_resized


All new vapor barrier is down in the crawl space!  The washer and dryer that came with the house were outside waiting to be taken to the appliance recycle center and someone stopped in the middle of the road to ask if I wanted to get rid of it. I said yes to which he replied "I'll be back in 5 minutes."  Ha! I love it when things are that easy! 




We (again, not me) ripped out the cadet heaters throughout the house and patched the holes.

20160224_130858_resized 20160226_153421_resized



The landing area of the fireplace was all broken up so we ripped it out and are placing new brick down.  




Last weekend we suited up like Breaking Bad characters and scraped 200 lbs of popcorn ceilings. It looks so much better! 

20160219_201042_resized 20160219_201120_resized



That's it for now.  Texturing was going in yesterday and I'm very excited to go see how it turned out!  This week the furnace and air conditioning go in so we can't do much until that's done.  Then we paint!

More to come! 

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Our new home!!

Here are some photos of our new house!  We're currently working on a few projects to make this HOME.  Our target move in date is March 19th.  I'll keep you posted on our progress. 🙂 


Obviously, this is the front. 🙂 




Here is the living room. I LOVE the big window! 



Nice wood-burning fireplace. See that tanish spot to the right?  That's going to be the wall color. And the popcorn ceilings are gone now.  That was fun. 



Another view of the living room.



Dining room and slider to the patio. 








Kitchen.  That hideous light fixture is gone now. 



Closer view of the kitchen. And my purse. Thanks again Wall Street for that! 🙂




The countertops are going bye-bye. And we're getting  a new sink. 



Stove and fridge will be stainless steel in a few years after the funds replenish. 




Hallway and front door. 




TWO sinks!  No more sharing! 




This light fixture is going away too. 




Bedroom 1. 




Bedroom 1 again.  Like the light switch? 




Bedroom 2 which will be an office. 




Bedroom 2 again. 




Master bedroom (only because it's bigger – it's not a suite). 





But it does have it's own entry to the bathroom! 


I don't have pictures of the back yard.  I'll take some today since it's not currently raining. 

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